Design your space How the interior design should really look like let us Kitchen Heart of your home It evokes memories of your family history modern Bedroom Makes house a home The bedroom is where I feel most like myself modern Wardrobe shine through in my wardrobe Just let the wardrobe do the acting modern Bedroom Stile is very personal I know it when I see it modern Tradition authenticity and passion You always need a mixture of modernity and tradition modern

the heart of home

Have you ever walked into a home and all you remembered was that beautiful kitchen? Many times the kitchen is the busiest part of the home, where everybody likes to get together and have a good time. However you decide to renovate your kitchen, make sure that the interior design of your kitchen makes sense to you and allows you to move about freely and effectively as you enjoy entertaining your guests.

how we design

The interior design of kitchen needs to well kept, organised and just simply make a statement. Whether you have an island or not, we can create a well designed kitchen that you can be proud of. One of the main things that we look for, is how well organised the kitchen is.

wardrobe! be organised

Organise your drawers with containers that will hold your most needed items. If you have other items that you don’t know where to place them, have a special drawer for them, so that they are not out on the counter, making your wardrobe look disorganised.

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Tomskitchensdesign is designed to make sure that you will have great quality of life.


 We have a high level of skill and a depth of experience in the making of bespoke furniture. We are working with a small team of makers  from start to finish. 


 At  Tom’s kitchens all our furniture and kitchens can be made from any wood to any specification. We continue to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.


 At Tom’s kitchens every piece of  furniture comes with our free  guarantee. The guarantee covers all structural elements of our furniture.


 Wood is the perfect material for our products which are designed and built to last. From our kitchens to wardrobe ranges, our  wood is diverse and durable.

Design service

 We work closely with you to create a piece of furniture you will be happy with for life. The possibilities are endless. And we are here every step of the way to guide.


 Tom’s kitchens provide you with a complete service from designing and creating your perfect bespoke piece of furniture or space, through to installing it in your home.

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